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How does filing bankruptcy protect your home?

Filing for bankruptcy protection stops foreclosure proceedings immediately.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy was set up to give individuals a fresh start. Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection allows for a homeowner to devise a payment plan with the mortgage lender. A homeowner is allowed to keep the property by making payments over a period of time. For more information and details on how bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure, email or call our office to contact a lawyer who can guide you through the process.

Saving your home is just one of the many ways Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy Attorneys can assist Nevada residents facing debt crisis. Nevada needs assistance fighting foreclosure. Our Nevada bankruptcy legal team can help anyone affected by the economy and struggling to make monthly payments.

If you are facing a foreclosure or fighting to keep current on your mortgage, take control over your debt and contact our law firm.

It’s not too late to save your home. Nevada is not spared when it comes to the number of foreclosures in the state. Protecting your property and family is a priority, and if you are at risk of losing your home, take action. A home is more than just a piece of real estate, and Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy can help you make an informed decision as to how to stop a foreclosure and eliminate debt.

Take control of your financial situation and save your home

When you are extremely behind on your mortgage payments, the lender has the right to take hold of your house. When you signed loan documents at the time of the purchase, you used your house as collateral for the loan. Thus, the lender has the right to foreclose on your house if you cannot pay on the loan as indicated by the loan documents.

Likely, your home is your largest single asset and a foreclosure may cost you a great amount of money in lost equity if a forced sale happens. There may be a way to stop the foreclosure sale and retain your property. Despite the creditor, or lender’s objection, the answer may be filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Filing for Bankruptcy Could Stop A Home Foreclosure

Even if you have missed several mortgage payments or even received notice of foreclosure, filing bankruptcy under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, a homeowner is able to stop the foreclosure and keep the home.

Set up an appointment for a free consultation and debt evaluation with an Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy attorney. Discuss your concerns and debt situation with an attorney. Don’t lose your home! A lawyer at our firm will provide helpful advice, options, and will help you understand your rights as a debtor. Save your home, let our bankruptcy law experts stop the foreclosure and help you with your financial crisis.

Bankruptcy by Phone is an option if you are unable to come to our law office. Take advantage of the free consultation with an attorney experienced in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Nevada Bankruptcy.


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