Stop a Vehicle Repossession

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How Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help With a Repossession

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 do offer the protection under the automatic stay; however, there may be a better option for debt relief concerning your auto loan. Contact our law firm to schedule a free debt evaluation with an attorney. Next, the attorney can help you to understand your rights and options to stop a vehicle repossession. A stop repossession attorney can assist you and work through your options as it relates to an auto repo.

Having transportation for work and family is a priority to most Nevada residents. If you struggle to keep up with monthly car payments and/or meet your financial obligations, contact our law firm. Take control of your financial debt situation. Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy legal staff can provide the bankruptcy legal representation to stop a repossession.

Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help You Stop a Vehicle Repossession

Under the Nevada bankruptcy protection law, the bank may not repossess a vehicle without first getting permission from the court once a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition has been filed with the bankruptcy court. A Chapter 13 filing may lower an auto loan payment and eliminate loan defaults through a payment plan which pays creditors and loan payments.

It is possible to keep your vehicle in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In many situations, it is possible to keep your vehicle in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as long as you remain current on your loan.  A bankruptcy attorney at our firm can help to stop repossession in Nevada.

Automatic Stay Protection

When you are behind on vehicle payments to your lender, typically a repossession action is taken. Your auto may be repossessed by the lender at any time. How does filing bankruptcy stop repossession? Filing bankruptcy stops the effort to repossess. Debtors are entitled the protection of the automatic stay in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. This means the automatic stay provision immediately stops creditors and lenders from any debt collection, including vehicle repossession. Also, if you have filed bankruptcy with the Nevada Bankruptcy Court, no legal action cannot be taken against you.

Bankruptcy Exemptions in Nevada

Nevada bankruptcy exemptions are available that can be applied to the equity of your vehicle. An Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy attorney will discuss these exemptions and how they apply to your specific debt situation. Our attorneys are experts at navigating the bankruptcy filing process, which can be complex depending on the case. No matter the financial issues, our legal team will find the best method of debt relief for your unique case.


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