Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy will do more than file your bankruptcy. The experienced bankruptcy legal team will help you to understand the bankruptcy process, and will assist you in successfully eliminating or reducing debt through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Plus, our Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney is the best in Las Vegas.  Additionally, our experience and knowledgeable in Nevada bankruptcy law make us an essential part of your team when declaring bankruptcy in Nevada.

Our Las Vegas Lawyers use bankruptcy as a legal tool that residents of Nevada regularly need when they are faced with debt that they cannot pay. So, if you are considering filing for bankruptcy, the Las Vegas Debt Relief Lawyers at Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy can help you get a “Fresh Start” through Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with $0 Down. Therefore, filing bankruptcy with our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyer is just a phone call away, and you can file today with no money down.  Thus, you should call our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney at (702) 842-0700.

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If you’re considering filing bankruptcy, chances are that your budget is tight. Plus, it may seem like a reasonable way to cut your expenses is by representing yourself in your bankruptcy. While we don’t usually recommend it, filing pro se can make sense in some situations. Therefore, if you have a legal background or considerable experience working in bankruptcy, this could improve your chances of success in bankruptcy without an experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney.

Also, if your case is relatively simple, i.e., you live entirely off of social security income and have few assets, you might be able to get by without attorney representation.   Additionally, may also wish to hire a document preparer, who will draft your petition, but all other legal responsibilities will be your own. Otherwise, you will have a better chance of discharging your debts when represented by an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Understanding Bankruptcy In Las Vegas

Impact On Credit Scores & Recovery Strategies

Financial setbacks can happen to anyone, but what do you do when bankruptcy becomes the last resort? The question of, “What does filing bankruptcy in Las Vegas do to your credit score?” is of paramount importance. The consequences of bankruptcy on your credit score can be severe, and comprehending these implications is essential as you embark on the journey to rebuild your financial standing. This post provides a comprehensive overview, starting with the immediate impact of bankruptcy on credit scores, followed by discussions on the types of bankruptcy, the duration of bankruptcy on credit reports, factors influencing credit score recovery, strategies for rebuilding credit, and alternative options that may have fewer repercussions on credit scores.

Impact Of Bankruptcy On Your Credit Score

The Immediate Impact Of A Las Vegas Bankruptcy Filing On Your Credit Score

Filing for bankruptcy in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada is a challenging decision, and it carries significant negative consequences for your credit scores. Therefore, the higher your FICO score, the more substantial the impact of a bankruptcy filing. Credit scores can plummet, making it difficult to secure loans, rent an apartment, or even find employment. It’s like being caught in a cycle of poor credit, seemingly unable to break free and rebuild your financial life.
However, it’s not all bleak. Despite the harsh reality of a diminished credit score post-bankruptcy, there are strategies available to rebuild your credit. These strategies include establishing new credit, adhering to sound financial practices, and monitoring your credit progress, all of which will be explored in detail later in this post.

Types Of Bankruptcy In Nevada

Types Of Bankruptcy Available To Residents In Las Vegas & Clark County, Nevada

Nevada Bankruptcy Filings Impact On Credit Scores In Reno, Henderson, & Las Vegas, Nevada

Bankruptcy comes in two main forms: Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, each with its own approach and consequences for credit scores. To learn more about how the various chapters of bankruptcy impact your credit score, please read on.
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Chapter 7, also known as liquidation bankruptcy, eliminates most unsecured debts and can exempt certain assets. While it provides relief from debt, it may require the relinquishment of important assets. Rebuilding credit after Chapter 7 bankruptcy relies on obtaining a legal order known as a discharge, which releases you from debts covered by bankruptcy. Chapter 7 should be considered a last resort due to its severe impact on credit scores and asset loss.

Unlocking Financial Freedom With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Las Vegas

Are you drowning in debt and hounded by relentless creditors in Las Vegas? Relief is at hand through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our Las Vegas Chapter 7 attorneys can guide you through this process, offering hope and a fresh start. By filing for Chapter 7 in Nevada, you can free yourself from the burden of repaying certain unsecured debts such as credit card balances, medical bills, and payday loans.
However, the decision to file for Chapter 7 should not be taken lightly. At Hurtik Law & Associates, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys have successfully filed thousands of bankruptcies for clients in Reno, Las Vegas, Henderson, and across Nevada. During your initial consultation with us, we’ll assess your financial situation, address your concerns about the filing process, and empower you to make an informed decision.


Consult with the expert bankruptcy legal team if you are faced with:

Harassing phone calls from creditors

Loss of a job or wages

Making monthly bill payments

Crushing credit card debt

A wage garnishment

A reposession

A foreclosure

Medical debt

Clients who call upon our services have overwhelming debt caused by life circumstances. We understand that Nevada residents are faced with difficult financial situations that result in debt. We are here to help you get out of debt, and our team will be with you throughout the bankruptcy process.


Still curious about how an attorney can benefit you in your Nevada bankruptcy? Our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney and staff are skilled professionals waiting to offer free consultations for Nevada residents in need of bankruptcy. Improve your knowledge about Nevada bankruptcy law and receive an affordable quote for representation- we have post-filing payment plans starting as low as $0 down. Stop a repossession and get your finances back on track. Therefore, you can call or use our online form to get started with your free consultation today. 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Transforming Your Financial Situation In Las Vegas

Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers ten significant advantages tailored to Las Vegas residents, each of which can be life-changing:

Debt Discharge

The highlight of Chapter 7 is the complete discharge of qualifying unsecured debts, liberating you from obligations such as credit card debt, medical expenses, and personal loans.

Immediate Relief

Upon filing, an automatic stay takes effect, shielding you from creditor harassment, collection efforts, and legal actions. This immediate relief allows you to breathe and assess your finances.

Fresh Financial Start

Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides a priceless chance for a clean slate. Freed from eligible debts, you can embark on a new financial journey, unburdened by overwhelming financial obligations.

Asset Protection

In Nevada, specific exemptions safeguard your essential assets, such as your home and car, in most cases. This means you can retain these vital possessions while benefiting from debt relief.

No Repayment Plan

Unlike Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 7 typically doesn’t mandate ongoing payments to creditors, simplifying the process for those with variable incomes.

Speedy Process

Chapter 7 cases progress swiftly through the legal system, often concluding within a few months. This expeditious resolution facilitates rapid debt relief and a fresh start.

No Income Limit

Unlike Chapter 13, Chapter 7 doesn’t impose a specific income requirement, broadening eligibility for individuals facing financial hardship.

Creditor Negotiation

Creditors are compelled to negotiate with the bankruptcy trustee, potentially reducing the amount you owe on certain debts, offering additional financial relief.

Improved Credit Over Time

While Chapter 7 may initially impact your credit score, responsible financial management and freedom from overwhelming debt pave the way for gradual credit improvement, setting the stage for a more stable financial future.

Legal Guidance

Navigating bankruptcy law complexities can be daunting. Collaborating with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas is invaluable. They ensure you grasp the process, maximize Chapter 7 benefits, and avoid pitfalls, making your bankruptcy journey smooth and effective.



Read why Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy clients choose our law firm and legal team to provide legal representation for their cases.

Charting Your Financial Comeback with Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy Law

Embracing the advantages of Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Las Vegas can be life-altering for those grappling with debt. It offers comprehensive debt relief, essential asset protection, and a fresh financial beginning.

To explore this option further and gain professional bankruptcy guidance, connect with Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers. Our seasoned bankruptcy attorneys are ready to help you comprehend your options and take that crucial first step towards financial freedom. Don’t let debt shackle you any longer; seize control of your financial future today. Contact us now, and take your initial stride toward a “Fresh Start.”

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filings in Clark County Nevada

Chapter 13 reorganizes debts to make them more manageable. It involves a repayment plan lasting between three and five years, allowing you to retain your assets while partially repaying your debts. Upon completion of the repayment plan, the bankruptcy is released. While the process may be lengthy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers a more manageable approach to debt repayment and, with the right strategies, credit rebuilding is achievable.

A Las Vegas Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to provide financial relief for individuals with a stable income who owe specific amounts of secured and unsecured debt. To qualify for this type of bankruptcy, a debtor’s unsecured debt must not exceed $269,250, and their secured debt should not surpass $807,750. This bankruptcy process involves the creation of a structured repayment plan in collaboration with an appointed trustee. Subsequently, the court evaluates, approves, modifies, or formulates a new plan. Typically, the debt is gradually paid off over a span of three to five years.


  • Your creditors must stop contacting you: Once you sign your retainer agreement with your bankruptcy attorney, you can inform your creditors. Thus, your creditors may no longer contact you at this point. Plus, all inquiries regarding your debts must go to your Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney.
  • Assurance you are filing under the correct chapter: Unless your income is paid through a regular salary, it can be difficult to calculate your income for the purposes of bankruptcy. Therefore, you may need to calculate your Means Test in a Chapter 7, and you will definitely need to in a Chapter 13. Plus, there are other factors that can affect your bankruptcy eligibility, like the value of your property, any prior bankruptcy filings, and more. Please know, your Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney is trained to foresee these types of obstacles so that you don’t risk any delays in your case.
  • Prompt resolution of all issues in your case: Do you know what to do if your case is dismissed? The protections of the Automatic Stay end when this happens. Thus, should any issues arise in your case, your Vegas BK attorney will handle them quickly, before your creditors can take action.
  • Post-filing payment plans for qualified clients: Even if you file bankruptcy without an attorney, you will need to pay a filing fee of more than $300. Thus, our Nevada Bankruptcy Law Firm offers payment plans that allow for you to pay your attorney’s fees, as well as your filing fee, in affordable monthly payments after your case has been filed. Whereas, others bankruptcy firms boast payment plans, but actually require payment in full before your case is filed.  ‘Tis not the case with our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Lawyers.  We have you pay for your bankruptcy after garnishments and other collections stop.  We believe our this can be much more realistic.

Why Choose Our Nevada Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers?

At Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy Law, we approach our clients’ situations without judgment. Our primary aim is to offer the necessary services to help you embark on a new financial journey and leave behind previous monetary challenges. To learn more about our team, including the experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney Erik Severino, and how we can assist you in navigating Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Nevada, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Free consults call today (702) 842-0700.
Our dedicated Nevada Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers are committed to simplifying the often complex bankruptcy procedure for our clients. Additionally, our comprehensive range of services, provided by our experienced legal team in both Las Vegas and Reno, includes:

Efficient Handling Of All Paperwork

We take charge of the cumbersome paperwork, ensuring a seamless process for our clients.

Direct Attorney Oversight

Your case is personally overseen by an attorney, not a legal assistant, guaranteeing the utmost attention to detail.
Streamlined Forms: We eliminate the confusion of navigating stacks of forms, making the process more straightforward.

Complimentary Credit Reports

We offer free credit reports to aid in assessing your financial situation.

Duration Of Declaring Bankruptcy In Las Vegas On Credit Reports

Bankruptcy doesn’t simply disappear once debts are discharged; it lingers on credit reports for 7-10 years, casting a shadow over your financial profile. Bankruptcy filings are listed in the public records section of credit reports and cannot be removed. Over time, the negative impact lessens, but a fresh start is essential for credit recovery. Regularly reviewing credit reports for accuracy and staying informed about your credit score can aid in the process.

Factors Impacting Credit Score Recovery After Bankruptcy

To rebuild your credit after bankruptcy, you must understand the factors that influence credit score recovery. Income, debt-to-income ratio, payment history, time since bankruptcy filing, establishing new credit, and on-time bill payments all play roles in how quickly your credit score can bounce back. By addressing these factors diligently, you can expedite your credit score recovery journey.

Strategies For Rebuilding Credit Following A Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing In Nevada

Once you’ve weathered the bankruptcy storm, it’s time to rebuild your credit. This is as important as getting the bankruptcy filed as your financial future and credit score are dependent upon how much effort you put into bettering your credit after a bankruptcy.
Some of the Key strategies of Rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy filing include:

1. Establishing New Credit

Secured credit cards and credit-builder loans can help you rebuild credit by reporting activity to credit bureaus. Ensure the lender reports payments to improve your credit standing.

2. Maintaining Good Financial Habits

Timely bill payments and a low credit utilization ratio are crucial. Avoid credit repair scams and practice fiscal responsibility.

3. Monitoring Credit Progress

Regularly reviewing credit reports, establishing credit monitoring services, and staying informed about your credit score are essential.

Bankruptcy Alternatives & Their Effects On Credit Scores

Bankruptcy isn’t the sole option for managing overwhelming debt. Alternatives like debt consolidation, debt management plans, and debt settlement may have less impact on credit scores. While each option has pros and cons, exploring these alternatives can be more suitable for your financial situation.
Debt Consolidation: Combining multiple debts into one loan with a lower interest rate can make debt management easier. However, it may have a short-term negative impact on your credit score.
Debt Management Plan: Administered by a credit counseling agency, this plan allows you to pay off debts over three to five years, potentially reducing your monthly payments and interest rates. However, it involves fees.
Debt Settlement: Negotiating with creditors to pay less than what you owe can be an option, with less damage to your credit report than bankruptcy. However, it involves fees and risks.
In conclusion, bankruptcy can significantly impact your credit score, but understanding its implications and employing strategies to rebuild credit is crucial. By exploring the different Nevada bankruptcy types, the duration of bankruptcy on credit reports, factors affecting credit score recovery, and credit rebuilding strategies, you can make informed decisions about your financial future. Additionally, considering bankruptcy alternatives may help you regain financial control without the severe credit score impact. Though the journey may be challenging, perseverance and the right strategies can lead you to financial recovery and improved creditworthiness.



Our Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney and staff take a closer look at some of the most asked questions by people filing for bankruptcy protection in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. The most popular chapter of bankruptcy to file in Las Vegas is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Additionally, people file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Emergency Bankruptcy, Medical Bankruptcy, and Bankruptcy due to Credit Cards. If you are considering declaring BK, contact our Las Vegas Debt Relief Law Firm for a free consultation.


Bankruptcy protections start as soon as you retain an experienced Las Vegas Bankruptcy attorney. Although, retaining procedures vary by office, but you can refer your creditors to your Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney as soon as you have hired them. Plus, your creditors aren’t allowed to call you after you have informed them that you have a bankruptcy attorney.
Once you file your petition, you will be protected by The Automatic Stay. Thus, the Automatic Stay is active until your case is discharged or dismissed. Also, when you are protected by the automatic stay, your creditors can’t garnish your wages, foreclose your home, or repossess your vehicle.


Many Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys require you to pay the court filing fee and their entire legal representation fee before your case is filed. However, our Las Vegas bankruptcy office offers $0 down payment plans for qualifying individuals filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. 
Our Las Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy repayment plans can extend as long as 12 months post-bankruptcy. Thus, you can choose monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments, and you choose the payment plan start date (within 30 days after your bankruptcy is filed). Plus, your payments will be credit reported, helping you rebuild your credit score faster.


Yes, filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy will almost certainly have a negative effect on your credit initially.  However, if you are considering declaring bankruptcy you are probably already have a fairly low credit score or under significant financial stress. In the long term, bankruptcy will get you a “fresh start” and allow you to rebuild your credit from a solid starting place.
Seeking more information on a “Fresh Start”, click here for a Fresh Start.


You don’t get to pick and choose which creditors will be included in your bankruptcy. All of your creditors must be included. However, if there is a specific credit card you’d like to keep, they may let you continue using their service if you choose to pay off your balance after your bankruptcy is discharged.  Thus, it is best to contact your Las Vegas Bankruptcy Attorney for additional information.


Yes you can still file for bankruptcy even if a creditor is already suing you.  
Filing for bankruptcy in Las Vegas stops almost all collection and creditor actions right away.  Thus, once you file bankruptcy, an Automatic Stay goes into place. 
Additionally, you can file for bankruptcy before a lawsuit is filed against you, while the lawsuit is pending, or even after a lawsuit has been resolved.
** Please note, It is important to discuss what impact a judgment may have on you with an experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney.  Contact our Vegas Debt Relief Team right away.  Call (702) 842-0700.   Get yourself on the road to a Fresh Start.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a powerful method of erasing debt. Therefore, debt that is typically eliminated include unsecured debt such as: credit card bills, medical debt, payday loans, car repossessions, collections, home foreclosures, and more.
Additionally, there are also some debts that may not be discharged in a bankruptcy,
Debts that can’t be discharged in bankruptcy in Las Vegas include: child support debt, student loans, spousal support or alimony, some tax debts, or debt accrued by fraud.  Contact our Las Vegas Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney today.


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When you consult with Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy Law Firm, your case becomes a priority. An attorney will explore all legal options available for you to eliminate debt. Our legal team will help you to understand the bankruptcy process, and explain your rights as a debtor. Through effective communication and dedication to clients, Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy provides clients with expert legal representation. We listen to your concerns about your debt, and offer legal services that will produce the best possible outcome for your financial needs.


  • Legal advisor An attorney’s most important role is to provide you with legal advice best suited to fulfill your wishes. This will help you make the most well-informed decisions during your bankruptcy filing. Because of this implied responsibility, most attorneys will not “advise” you until you have filed.. 
  • Financial consultant You need to know how bankruptcy will affect financial issues like your tax refunds, wage garnishments, retirement accounts, and more. Bankruptcy is a financial issue as well as a legal issue, so your attorney will, in a way, be working as your financial consultant. 
  • Your advocate Your bankruptcy attorney represents you and you alone. It isn’t your attorney’s job to look out for the interests of your creditors or trustee. Your attorney will take all necessary steps to ensure your assets are protected and your case remains in good standing until discharge. 

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