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Discharging Medical Bills by Filing Bankruptcy

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Facing medical debt is a serious situation, and most times it is unexpected. Medical expenses including doctor visits, broken bones, surgeries, and prescriptions are very expensive, even if you are covered by good insurance. Also, co-payments and expenses that are out-of-pocket add up very quickly. These medical bills are often more than a person can afford to pay.

When necessary medical procedures happen with or without warning, they can be debilitating financially. By filing for bankruptcy protection in Nevada, fortunately, medical bills can be discharged. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may erase medical debt. 

The debt-relief lawyers at Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy understand that discharging medical debt needs great consideration. However, declaring bankruptcy as a result of debts that were not voluntary may be necessary. Las Vegas’s leading cause of bankruptcy is doctor bills and medical debt. There is relief for Nevada residents who struggle with severe medical debt. This debt can be wiped out — eliminated through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. 

Life circumstances may create financial hardship. Debt caused by treatment for medical emergencies and health issues can become overwhelming very quickly. Rising prescription costs, continual doctor appointments, and treatment procedures add up to high medical bills. Every statement and phone call from a medical facility is a reminder of the crushing amount of debt that is owed. 

Individuals with and without insurance are affected by medical debt in Nevada. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge may be the best option for debt relief in order to get rid of your medical debt. Costs of medical services and medical debt is considered unsecured debt. This type of debt may be totally wiped out in a bankruptcy.

What is a Medical Bankruptcy?

Medical debt is a term that describes a bankruptcy caused by excessive medical and doctor bills. There is no such thing in the law, technically, called medical bankruptcy. The attorneys at Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy often refer to a bankruptcy filed primarily due to medical debt as a “Medical Bankruptcy”. All debts must be included when declaring bankruptcy, which means there is no way to file a bankruptcy and just list the medical debt. All debts are listed in the bankruptcy filing petition, not only the medical debt.

In many cases, overwhelming medical debt leads to a wage garnishment. A portion of your wages is taken in order to pay debt, and in turn, may cause additional debt crisis. Filing for bankruptcy can immediately stop a medical wage garnishment. The stress from debt and the affect debt has on a person’s personal, family, professional, and financial life can be alleviated by eliminating the debt and wage garnishment. Our Nevada Zero Down Bankruptcy lawyers can help you to get out from under the medical bills or wage garnishment that you face. Call our law office to schedule a free debt evaluation with an experienced Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney. Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy legal team offers Bankruptcy by Phone program and payment options in order to help put an end to your medical debt financial issues. 


Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to Eliminate  Medical Debt

Eliminating medical debt is achieved through filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Nevada. Regardless of the quantity of the medical debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is a means to discharge it, or get rid of it. Within the context associated with a Chapter seven bankruptcy filing, when the debt is successfully discharged, there is no obligation to pay it back.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge of medical debt means you are no longer responsible for the debt to a medical facility, physician, or medical debt which wasn’t incorporated in your insurance coverage.

Hospital and Doctor Bills in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, medical bills are dealt with much like other unsecured debts, such as credit cards. Unsecured debts and often a percentage of the entire debt is repaid in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing. A Chapter 13 includes a repayment plan, and all medical debt is discharged at the end of the Chapter 13 case. Sometimes clients first accept to settle on the amount of medical debt which is much less than the original amount in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Contact our professional and experienced medical bankruptcy attorneys to determine which legal action is in the best interest for your specific medical debt situation.

Can You File Bankruptcy on Your Medical Bills?

The answer is “yes”, residents of Las Vegas, Nevada may file bankruptcy on medical bills. The leading cause of bankruptcy in Nevada is medical debt. Because medical bills and doctor bills are considered unsecured debt, they can be eliminated through bankruptcy.  When filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, medical bills do not receive a priority – they are like any other unsecured debt, like credit cards.

Vegas Medical Debt bankruptcy Lawyers takes every case with the objective of providing Nevada residents with inexpensive, but expert legal representation to get out of debt. Healthcare is an expense that, when becomes overwhelming, may be best taken care of through bankruptcy. If Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not the best choice for you to wipe out debt, our Vegas Zero Down Bankruptcy attorneys will discuss every option, always working with your financial and personal interests in mind.


Erase medical debt through bankruptcy

Will I go to jail if I don’t pay my medical bills?
No.  Medical bills are civil debts and can be collected on by your health care provider.  However, there is no such thing as a debtor’s prison.  You will not go to jail for unpaid medical bills.  Though, if a collection agency files a law suit against you and wins, a judgement will be placed against you.  That is the worst of it.  As per the law, you can’t be incarcerated for not paying your medical debt.

Will I Lose My Doctor If I File Bankruptcy on his Bill?
This is a question that many people worry about when filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Though there are laws in place that make it so hospitals and doctors can not refuse to give medical help to those who can not pay.  However, your Doctor could choose not to see you again if you discharge the monies owed to him in a bankruptcy.  More than likely this will not happen as both your doctor and the hospital will be happy to have you as a patient so long as your pay your bills going forward.

What Percentage of Bankruptcies are Because of Medical Debt?
If you are considering filing bankruptcy because of the cost of medical treatment or a medical condition has caused you to miss work.  Know that you are not alone.  A whopping 66.5% of all bankruptcy filings are tied to excessive medical debt.  Additionally, it is the leading cause of bankruptcy filings in Nevada and throughout the United States.

Do a lot of People have Medical Debt or Is it Just Me?
It is not just you.  One out of every 6 people in Nevada and throughout the United States have medical debt.  Throughout the country there are many people who have at least one form of medical debt that shows up on their credit report.  The medical debt adds up to over 80 Billion dollars nationwide.

Is There a Limit of How Much Medical Debt I Can Discharge in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
There is no limit to the amount of debt that you can discharge in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


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