reasons Vegas residents declare bankruptcy blogCauses of declaring bankruptcy in Las Vegas are various.  In this article we will examine some of the more common reasons that people may need to explore the option of bankruptcy in Nevada.  With the current economic climate of Las Vegas Metro area as well as all of Clark County, it is plenty apparent that some form of debt relief is going to be necessary including (but not limited to) Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Medical Bankruptcy, Emergency Bankruptcy, and Zero Down Bankruptcy.

Lots of people believe that bankruptcy results from bad financial decisions. Although this could be the case, there are lots of different reasons why people require financial relief, some of which are beyond the control of theirs. In case you’re fighting with debt, you need to talk about the options of yours with a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer in Memphis. 

The following are examples of reasons why Las Vegas residents might have to file for bankruptcy.

Injury or Illness

We all understand how costly medical care could be. Even with health coverage, an illness or maybe injury is able to call for you paying deductibles along with other out-of-pocket expenses, and the treatment of yours might exceed your insurance limits. When somebody in your family includes a serious problem, the medical bills might be frustrating, and you probably will see no chance paying them. For these reasons, medical debt is among the major causes for consumer bankruptcy in the United States.

Unemployment or Loss of Job

The economic system is volatile, and lots of businesses have laying folks off when you least expect it. This can cause immediate economic turmoil in the household of yours. If perhaps you’re a main economic contributor, plus you lose your income suddenly, you might need to depend on credit cards to coat bills along with essential expenses. The debt of yours can grow fast and become unmanageable.

Divorce or Loss of a Spouse

Federal bankruptcy courts are filled with people who’s financial difficulties are directly caused by a divorce.  It makes sense as you are going along with 2 people’s income and one rent to pay and then all of a sudden it all falls on you. Going from a 2 income household to a 1 person household because of divorce or death of a spouse can be rough.

Surviving a divorce financially is no easy task. Many people inevitably wind up filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. especially those who had their marriage dissolve due to financial pressures. People try for years to get back on their feet, but with court orders to pay attorneys, the assumption of debt, alimony, and child support, the possibilities can become obsolete. Unfortunately the only option is to accumulate debt.

Business Closes

Most individuals take on the task of putting up the own business of theirs, and businesses are able to incur debts quickly. If you’ve a sole proprietorship or maybe general partnership, you’ll be able to be held personally liable for every one of the debts on the company. If the company can’t make money, bankruptcy might be required for personal reasons and both business.

Credit Card Debt

Credit card interest rates can be as high as 25 percent. This extreme interest rate continues to compound to the point where just paying the interest is a financial burden. After years of trying to pay bills, people find themselves deeper and deeper in debt at which point bankruptcy is inevitable.


This is a very rare occurrence, however, currently it is the 500 pound Gorilla in the room.  A world-wide pandemic covers all of the main reasons that you may file a bankruptcy:  Illness, Unemployment, Business Closing, which may lead to excessive credit card debt.  The current Coronavirus Pandemic’s impact is going to be felt for many years to come in Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada.


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